Lets Go Bruins!

Well, I am not going to come up with a rendition of The Night Before Christmas like @6.God in the Lets go raptors thread, but, I am going to create this thread to discuss the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals… After game 2 the series is all tied Up 1-1…

GO BRUINS!!! #BruinsIn5


All I’ll say is uh Lets Go Blues

Also sundqvist should not have gotten suspended for that hit on Gryzelcyk if Marchand could get away with that punch on Harrington with not even a penalty


I completely agree. The Blues should have this. It’s about time for them.

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Their comeback this season was absolutely insane, and I’d love to see them win a cup for it. Tied for last in the league on January 1st, and now in the stanley cup finals. Pretty much the opposite of Tampa

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It’s truly incredible. Almost reminds me of 930 this year at Champs… practically last in their division at the start to finishing second in the world by 1 point. Hopefully blues won’t repeat them that closely…

Hopefully they can redeem the midwest

Blues win in game 7 OT2 with a goal off the crossbar. calling it now.

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That’s quite a prediction. Let’s see if it plays out lol

Welp here we go…


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Wasn’t this originally a Bruins post? #bluesarebetter
@izzythealpaca @jackTHEnerd

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I’ll take my chances

We’ve competed with 930. I think we can face down some Grizzlies.

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Hey I’ll just say this is the first time I’ve had my favorite hockey team is in the finals, so.

Let’s go blues!!

True dat

how come u don’t like the blackhawks @jackTHEnerd

I wouldn’t blame anyone for not liking the blackhawks, regardless of whether or not they’re anywhere near Chicago

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lol yeah that is most certainly true

Born in St. loui. So they’re kinda our enemies up there. (Well except the thing where my mom’s side is all Cubs fans so I tolerate them)

cubs are my second fav team after the red sox

Oof (how do we have rivalry In like every sport)