Let's go UCONN!!! (NCAA Womans + Mens Basketball!!)

UCONN - A school who’s mens team won the NCAA championship last night.
The woman’s team is looking for another NCAA win tonight…

And UCONN sponsors a FIRST team… What more can you ask for?

Uconn… now the College BasketBall Captial of the World…

kudos to thier school, and… what team is helped by uconn??

edit wow… i can’t belive Pat Summit was CRYING!!! wow…

1373 University of Connecticut & Edwin O. Smith High School Storrs, CT USA They went to the UTC regional in CT.

For your reading pleasure, here’s a conversation with an old teammate who now goes to UCONN…

He: whooooooooo uconn
Me: yayyy
He: 3 cars were flipped
He: lots of couches and beds were set on fire
He: 2 trees got set on fire
He: and i was body surfing like whoa
He: sooo much fun
Me: see, that would never happen at babson

…I never really understood the “destroying stuff in celebration” thing…

I think that will happen pretty much anywhere you go as long as the win is big enough. West Lafayette was a madhouse in 1999 after the Purdue Women’s Basketball team won the NCAA tournament. I don’t believe it has ever happened after a team has won a national robotics championship, though :smiley:

Proving Dean’s statement once again, that FIRST has all the excitement and fun of sports but none of the bad.

I crowd surfed after we won. Granted, it was only our team, but I still did it.

It doesn’t even have to be in the playoffs remember when WV beat out VT at Morganstown this year!!! IT WAS CRAZY!!! :ahh: I am just glad i had passed on the tickets to that game or I probably would have been mugged :yikes: HOKIES AND HUSKIES 4 LIFE BABY!!!