Lets play Guess the Q&A!


So I just submitted the following question to Q&A and I’d like to see what you all thing the GDC will come up with:

Could you please clarify two words in the rules: contact and ascend. Does contact imply continued contact or can it also imply momentary contact? Does ascend imply only while the robot is in motion or is a robot that is hanging on rung still considered to be in the ‘ascent’ stage?

I think the definition of contact would include brief contact. I’m guessing you might get “the colloquial definition of contact…”.

The definition, interpretation, and importance of ascent probably depends on the rule in question.

For contact, I think you’re going to get “when things touch, they are in contact. There is no time element to “contact” - it either is or isn’t”.

For Ascent, I think “the act of ascending”, but that implies the intent to (continue) climbing, regardless of motion. And intent is difficult to discern.

After Ascent, you “have Climbed” (or is it “Clumb” ?:wink:

I suspect you’ll get “contact” as not being time dependent and “ascent” as meaning at all times while climbing (i.e. all pyramid contact for a climb must be in sequential order). That said, I’m looking forward to the return of the endearingly ambiguous Reasonably Astute Observer. :rolleyes: Actually, I believe the RAO has already returned briefly, but nowhere sufficiently hang-off-the-bridge-rail ambiguous.

Don, I think my kids are using “clumb” from now on.