Let's Talk FIRST! Summer Content

Hi everyone!

I had thought that I’d be able to travel to the Supplier’s / Dean’s List Summit in Manchester this weekend to make another Let’s Talk FIRST! episode with the Dean’s List students - but I’m moving in to college on Monday, so scheduling doesn’t quite work.

However, that means that Let’s Talk FIRST! will be doing an episode covering the FIRST Community’s summer activities.

What this means, is we need content from teams and people! If you have photos, stories, or videos of anything FIRST-related that you or your team did this summer, please send it to LetsTalkFIRSTContent (at) gmail (dot) com !

This is not FRC-specific. Any FIRST program is welcome to join in! I’d love to see your summer activites!

I literally have NO guidelines, other than to please send me the highest quality of video/photo that you can. I’ll use as much as I can get for this episode, and I look forward to seeing what you send!

We’ll also be posting some updates on LTF! and the future of the show here on our facebook page, so if you could ‘like’ it that would be super sweet: http://www.facebook.com/LetsTalkFIRST

Thank you so much for your support!

1126 has sent in a story and some pics about our demo with a group of middle schoolers interested in STEM!

Here’s 3397’s summer work.

Okay, so I know that the number one rule of Chief Delphi is DON’T EVER BUMP A THREAD EVER EVER EVER… but I wanted to update on this, and I think this is a fair use for thread-bumpin’.

I’ve decided to combine Summer and Fall off-season content into one- so if you happen to have any other off-season information that you’d like to include on Let’s Talk FIRST, please check out information on how to submit on facebook.com/letstalkfirst .

Thank you very much!
Libby Kamen.