Lets talks about drives

Sup Chief delphi,
So I’m a new member in my FRC’s team and I need to learn about different drives.
We had an “off-season” competition yesterday and we had a “West coast” drive on our robot so I pretty much know a lot about it but I still have a lot to learn and I was hoping that you would help me.
Tell me about your favorite drives, the commmon ones, the good ones and also the bad and bulky ones.
Thanks in advance, General Angles #2230

Hi! Welcome to CD.

I’m most definitely not an expert on drivertrains, however with some quick googling I found some resources that looked quite useful:

Hopefully those provide a useful start. Ultimately, you need to get your hands dirty and practice building a chassis to really get good at it (this is why most teams will practice making a chassis in the off season before making that chassis during build). Also, don’t underestimate the potential of a simple KOP drivetrain - as tempting as it is to make the Best Chassis Ever over 4 weeks, often getting a simple and robust chassis that works for the game done in week 1 and then lets you get to work on programming and building the superstructures is more beneficial.

Tell me about your favorite drives, the common ones, the good ones and also the bad and bulky ones.

Common drives: KOP (kit of parts) / tank / WCD
Good and bad ones: depends on the situation; all drives have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people ideologically despise Mecanum wheels (and drives), but then a game like 2015 comes along, with no defense, and it turns into an very powerful drive with very little disadvantages (I think. Again, I don’t know much about drives.) Similar thing for Kiwi drive, which 1114 used to great success in 2015. Having said that, you’re unlikely to go wrong with a tank drive (/variation). They’re popular for a reason.
Bulky: Swerve. The modules are heavy and large. Normally it takes a team a bit of time to really get swerve down-pat (although once they do, those teams often use it very frequently)

In addition to the presentations that Tom listed, team 2169, KING TeC’s presentation is also incredibly helpful. In addition to the drivetrains themselves, this presentation also includes drivetrain parts (e.g. motors, gearboxes, etc.), math for designing drivetrains, and tips for teams on their drivetrain design.

My favorite Behind The Lines episode is about this: https://youtu.be/6lmKLTZZLBE

My favorite drive train which I’ll never actually build is CVT Swerve. I don’t recommend building one but as a programmer the possibilities of this sort of thing make me very excited.

This presentation has been one of my ongoing projects/time passers for a little over a year now, editing it whenever I learn new things, when my ideas get corrected, or if I feel there’s a better way to convey ideas. There are a few differences between my version and the version that was given at the Minne Mini (the version you have), and I am currently in the process of updating it again.

To anyone that is interested, DM me if you want the most recent version when I am finished with it. Or if I can get KING TeC’s website kids to fix the presentations page on the website ::rtm:: (they may be annoyed by all the emails and Google Hangouts messages I send to them as is), it could be on the KING TeC website as well.