Let's think about a different format of the field

Posted by Ken.

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

Posted on 9/25/2000 8:16 PM MST

All the talks about prediction of this year’s game heated me up for some brainstorming… (please bare with me if this get too long)

What if this year’s field will not be the same format at all the time?
Remember how two years ago when there were floppies and how the field was divided into two section, and how the robots start out at the corner?

Now here is the crazy part: Each of those sections have a different arrangment of objects in them, and each arrangment have similiar objects yet require the robot to preform differently depending on which type of arrangment it’s on, and the robot have to stay on the opposite side to score. And then, it will be randomize so we won’t know which kind of combination we will be on until 2 minutes before the game.
And maybe there will be 2 (maybe 3) arrangment in total so there will be 8 different strategies because which side you are on in the 1 of 4 combinations matters too (which side you have to defend against).

So what will happen is there will be robots built for different function. And say there are arrangment A and B. So in one match, you and your partner will be defense for A and offense on B, or defense B and offense A, or defense A and offense A, and so on…

This will force people to build different robots, some simple one that can dominate just one combination, or complex one that can dominate all 4, or just good at defense, or just good at offense.

What do you think? will this be possible?

Posted by Jason Iannuzzi.

Engineer on team #11, Marauders, from Mt. Olive HS. and BASF, Rame Hart, CCM.

Posted on 9/27/2000 11:59 AM MST

In Reply to: Let’s think about a different format of the field posted by Ken on 9/25/2000 8:16 PM MST:

I expect the field to be a lot like last years’. The game was a lot of fun to watch, and I think the layout had a big impact on that. The wide-open space made for a more frantic play style that appeals to crowds.

What I would like to see though, is more ‘texture’ to the field, maybe two different levels. Climbing the puck was a cool challenge, I’d like to see it expanded.