lets try this again

i must bring the arrow game back to life, i am bored, and i wish to have fun. what better place to do it than on the delphi forums? the world revolves around delphi, sweeeeet sweeeeet delphi.

< wants to go to florida for nationals RIGHT NOW

V wants to go with and pay my way there

^ Should be banned

< Doesn’t know why he is doing this

V Will not continue the arrow thing, while it is being closed

^ Can’t predict future

< Thinks he’s cool

V Will join the thread…

^ isn’t really cool :wink:

< is just joking w/ Suike…know’s he’s cool

V is really confused

^ Confused me… and made fun of me… I think…

< Still thinks he’s cool… but is now confused…

V Probably Jess replying to this…

^ he’s good

< thinks that’s really funny

V probably isn’t Suike…unless he’s extremely bored :slight_smile:

^ We know each other too well

< Is bored… but he’s still cool…

V Shouldn’t have replied to this…

^ needs to drop the cool stuff

< has friends in OTHER places besides FL

V is my friend from Philly

^told me to do this

< is prolly not fast enuff

V will suike lose

^ Doesn’t know what he’s talking about

< Has a cooler friend more North than Philly

V She’s that friend…

^hes right
<I am cooler
VSuike will post here next

^ is hopefully wrong
< thinks I’m late
V is somebody in this group

^ She’s right

<^ We win

V Jess will more than likely reply here…

^ future buisness partner :slight_smile:

< knows the joke

V doesnt know it

^ is wrong
< me and Joe win!
V will be either Suike or prtynpink5

^ Correcto mundo

< LOL at the PrtynPink5

V Will buy our business’ product…

^ is faster than a speeding bullet

<is too slow

V will be umm…bored

^ is exactly right
< can’t wait to meet ^
V is HOPEFULLY somebody different :slight_smile:

^ Wrong… it’s me

< Me posting

V Me posting again…

^ wishes he was in the buisness

< will help make product

V has nooo clue waht im talking about