Lettering criteria?

My school is going to start letting students letter in FRC and our athletic director says she needs to know what we want to be our criteria for people to letter. We were curious as to what other schools that did that had as their criteria for receiving a letter. Thanks!

heh… I still don’t know how I got my letter. I’m pretty sure that we did it on a combination of time spent there, actual contributions to the team (IE making a business plan, designing the chassis, doing all of the lathe work), and volunteer hours (with the team, so like going to an exhibition to show off the robot or volunteering at events). I cant help much with specifics, though

My high school did letters for robotics (not specifically FRC because we had a few other smaller programs going at the same time). We lettered with out general criteria for traveling to events: 40hrs in the work-hours-time-log. This, in my opinion, was a little generous, but you could tweak it for your needs.
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3946 requires any three of the following four criteria:

  • Earned a varsity spot - that is, you’re on the “A” team
  • raised $500, or done a particularly noteworthy or ambitions fundraising effort
  • Performed 20 hours of community service through the team, or organized a team community service event. Community service done through other groups, such as a church or another campus organization count at one hour per two performed.
  • ACTIVELY participate in a team committee. These include things like the web, social media, spirit/decorations, public relations, and chairman’s award - pretty much any of the stuff that we need to do as a team that doesn’t directly relate to building a robot or raising funds.

Relevant page from our student handbook attached.

For track and field (at my school) there is a undefined line between Varsity and JV. The coaches choose who letters based on an unknown scoring criteria, and you only find out who gets one at the awards banquet.

I would say have a lenient checklist do decide who qualify for a letter, and let the mentors decide who gets vone.

Thanks~we might do it that way.