Lettering in opposite stands?

Anyone that was at nationals last year remembers the plastic bags over chairs on the opposite side of the stands that said things such as “woot” or “<team number>”. Did anyone do this this year?
Pic from last year:

The top two tiers were blocked off to prevent this from happening. Teams did do it on the first level though.

Are team did it this year, we took trash bags and did are team number 364 over near Archimedes. There was one team that did an awesome job they did there team number, team symbol, and a picture of there mascot(sorry the number slipped my mind) but they did a great job.
Nobody did woot this year though.

That was us, 1403. The Image is in the photo gallery somewhere.

I have to agree, that was just awesome. My wife pointed it out as a master work of art. From afar (Newton) is was spectacular.

I loved the numbers last year, although I can definitely understand why FIRST would be antsy about having folks doing it.

Perhaps a balance could be reached–section off the upper deck by the sections already in the Dome, perhaps splitting by upper and lower sections, although I’m not sure on that (namely because I haven’t tried to do it).

Then have a sheet at Pit Admin. If your team wants to do a sign, you sign up for a piece of real estate on that sheet. If you do, however, your robot does not leave the pits on Saturday until everything is removed from your section to the satisfaction of a designated volunteer. (Perhaps the volunteer desk workers could take charge of this–by Saturday afternoon, if my mom is any example, their work is pretty much done.)



Our kids made it to the top to hang our massive banner and 159 got up top to put up their team number.
Security quickly took down our banner and dismantled 159’s work as well.

haha…the woot was put up by us last year…

I noticed that they weren’t allowing any signs this year (they even announced they wouldnt allow signs at all in the dome), only reason I could think of is cause there is paid advertising there? :confused:

I think it was a security issue.

I was talking to one of the security people and that was one of the many reasons they did not allow them. Others were safety and then the clean up afterwords.
During the finials I was sitting near the judges and one of the event security people was near me and they were watching some teams throw paper airplanes and other stuff in the upper deck and she kept saying “Thats why you cant go any higher then that, wait and see if you can do that next year” every time something was thrown.
Maybe next year they wont even let people sit in the upper deck for some of those reasons.

Guilty as charged.
Did anyone notice the Dome electronic signs that kept flashing *National * Championships?

We put up the number 1002 going up and down next to the Archimedes field and then next to the Newton fild, we put our number which turned out bad and then a large picture of a circuitrunner.

And yeah 1403, that was basically the most amazing seat art I have ever seen.

We got up there using the help of 1 of th first volunteers and hung our banner on the 3rd floor but no one could see it, so we brought it down a level and then it was taken down by th CSC.

Good thing we actually know a bunch of the CSC people from working the Papa John’s stands at the Falcons games or we would have been in some trouble because we didn’t hear any announcment to no do it because we were constantly outside.

That got really annoying. The electronic signs were really annoying in that they were bright enough to be distracting, but the only useful information that they provided was where the food vendors were. During finals, it was frustrating to hafve them flashing on in a corner when I was trying to pay attention to Deans LONG talk. The stuff he was saying was good, it just could have been shrunk into about half the amount of time.

Anyways, about the lettering, I was kind of inspired and was thinking about doing one for our team next year. Any ideas for gridding out our team mascot head? I’ll post a pic if I can in a little bit.

yeah, 1403 did a really nice job with the mascot stuff. It’s good stuff.

The whole novelty of the signs is that they’re not sanctioned. This would make it boring and homogenized I’m afraid to say.

I told the person who orchestrated the 1403 stands art that people liked it and he is already getting started on something for next year. He’s gonna graduate, but I think he would come to the Championship event just for this. Sorry about us not cleaning it up. We saw them cleaning and went to go help, but they wouldn’t let us up there.

GO 1403!!!

A senior by the name of Shinn Chen did our artwork. Besides ours, I remember seeing a color picture of a jay to the left of Galileo. I think it was the TechnoJays, 94, but I thought that was pretty nice.

From what I hear, he used Photoshop to convert the symbols into blocky figures. From that he adjusted for the curve on the stadium.

Even after all that, I still can’t figure out how he did it.