Lettering Opportunities

This is my first year as being involved with FRC. Students on the team would like to letter in FRC; my assistant principle says this is a possibility, but she wants to see what other schools do before we make a decision. Does anyone have lettering requirements for students that they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance!

We have never seen a reason for them. Most of our team has letters for sports, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, etc but only one person on the team actually has a jacket and he didnt really care if he got anything for it. So for us there is no real reason to get them. However if we wanted them the school would most likely allow it but we would have to purchase them ourself.

Do a quick search because this question has come up before and there are some pretty good threads floating around.

This whole thread is about varsity letters. I found it by searching varsity letter in search. It’s a really useful tool to keep all of the information on one topic together.