My team is a 2nd year team and I am trying to establish a Letterman system for our team. I have notified the counselors about what I am trying to do and they said it would be cool. They asked me it would be helpful if I could have a list of teams/schools that already have a Letterman system in place. It would take forever to go through each team’s website hoping to find something about it. So if any team out there has one in place, it would be helpful if you could provide your team number, school, and location. Thanks!

Team 4701
Team W.I.R.E. (Warriors in Robotics Education)

Here are a couple recent ish threads about it


There are a ton more, just search for “robotics letters” with the search function

Thanks! I got too excited hearing that we could possibly have it that I didn’t think about searching it. I’ll look into it.

Are team does it by having so many hour and going to one of the days at cow-town and one of the days at the regional for the letter. Along with being to as many activities with the team as they can.

Team 2345 Animal Control
Kearney High School
Kearney, MO

As you requested, our team number, school, and location: Team 230, Shelton High School, Shelton, CT.

Our students have been receiving varsity letters for at least 9 years (possibly more). The criteria is to be an active team member for 2 years. Although “active” is somewhat subjective, it is basically coming to at least 1/2 the work sessions and attending at least one regional (that would be our home regional in CT).

Team: 2137
School: Oxford High School
Location: Oxford, MI

Thanks! It really helps. What exactly do you guys use for your patch? My counselor was having a tough time finding a “robotics” patch.

Team: 279 (Tech Fusion)
School: Toledo Technology Academy
Location: Toledo, Ohio

Our patch is the Oxford “O” with the FIRST symbol stitched in at the bottom. Our patch

Link to our requirements for a letter

Below are contacts that Team 2137 - TORC used when we were developing and purchasing the Varsity Letters and patches.

Company TORC purchases from: http://www.plaquesandsuch.com/

Max max11566@aol.com
Paul Braun pbraun@plaquesandsuch.com

I’m going to push for this tomorrow. I pretty much know what I’m going to hear from our coach/teacher rep. but still I’m going to try. I think this idea is awesome and have never thought of it. Thanks for bringing it up xmaskid

Our patch is the standard Varsity letter for our school which is an S and then students are given pins for each sport and bars for every year on the team. Our robotics pin is our team logo (the claw logo with Gaelhawks written across). I can try get a picture of that if you want.

Team: 1939 (Kuh-nig-its)
School: The Barstow School
Location: Kansas City, Missouri

We have a system based off of the number of productive hours spent on robotics during build season. The sign in/out sheet is publicly viewable as to let us police ourselves about how much time was actually spent working. The requirements are 40 hours to go to out of town competition and 80 hours for a letter. Considering how much work goes into build season, if you are there most of the time and working, you letter.

MamaSpoldi, Do you know the reasoning behind requiring a student to be an active team member for 2 years to earn a Letter? In any other sport or activity (football, track, band, choir, robotics, etc) at all the schools I’m aware of, a varsity letter could be earned in the very first year of participation if the other defined requirements were met.

Are patch is a large yellow and purple K for the school, with robotics down the stem of the K.
Kearney MO
Team 2345
Kearney high school

Some info here: http://www.firstnemo.org/PDF/varsity-lettering.pdf

AST Sports is a great place to get patches for Letter winners. They are great and everything they do is done right in the back of their shop.

If you are in the area (Monticello, MN) they will even give you a tour of the shop - pretty amazing to see all the gear for schools and organizations from all over the country!

Thanks everyone! It really helps getting all of these ideas. I was talking with a teammate and we were thinking of having a 50 hr work requirement, 3.0 GPA, attend the competition, 10 hrs of community service (with or without the team), participate in the FLL tournament we volunteer at. I’m not too sure about adding a fundraising requirement right now because our mentor stressed it’s not our job to do it yet, but I do see it being a factor for the team later on in its years.

Great job! I just got done finishing this for our team this past year.

Team 4004: MARS Rovers

North Muskegon HS, Muskegon, MI

we have four schools and the other three are currently working out the filing with us.


Our students qualify for a letter if they get 100 hours in during build season. And this year, we have a snazzy new pin for them…

Love the pin.