Level 3 Climbs in Real Matches

Level 3 HAB Climbs are one of the most difficult design challenges in FRC since the pyramid in 2013. People have been sharing their first successful Level 3 HAB climbs but I’m interested in seeing videos of Level 3 Climbs in real matches. There’s a big difference between successfully climbing in the confines of your shop and doing it on the field.

Since the only “real matches” we’ve seen so far have come from week 0 we’ll count that too! I’ll start the thread off with a bang by showing the first(?) successful double Level 3 climb in the world by 1816 and the original Level 3 Climber @snowproblemz.

The match itself is also exciting with a decently high score and some good robot play.


I don’t think I agree with this, level 3 HAB climbs are significantly easier than the pyramid in 2013 and scoring fuel (fast enough to be worth something) in 2017. You could also make an argument for 2015 can grabbers, if you were part of the arms race where milliseconds mattered.


Totally agree it’s easier than the Pyramid and Fuel. That’s why I said “one of the” and “since the pyramid”. I can’t think of anything else we’ve had in the last 6 years that is more difficult outside of those two.

Week 0, Merrimack NH, Q2

This shows that last 1/2 of the climb. The foot also does not get all the way up in this one, but is not supporting the bot.

Another robot was able to climb as well at the event. Several seemed like they would once/if their bot was finished.

The link appears to be private.

trying again.

I suppose it’s not technically a “real match” as we don’t have an FMS etc, but we climbed several times at the Corvallis Week 0 scrimmage—example from the Twitch stream here.

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