Level bonus with no robots?

Per section 4.4.4 of the 2020 Game Manual, the part about what constitutes a Level bonus (15 points) gives two criteria: A) The generator switch is within the level range (8 degrees) and B) All alliance robots contacting the switch are hanging. This opens the door to 30 points without a climb with all three alliance robots parked and the generator switch intact, therefore level. How ver, Table 4-2 mentions that 1-3 robots must be hanging. Do i assume that at least one robot must be hanging? Thought?

I think that they are saying that at least one robot must be hanging for an alliance to get the level points. So you would only get 15 points if the robots only parked.

A GENERATOR SWITCH is considered LEVEL if, five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero
(0) following TELEOP, both following criteria are met:
A. it is in the LEVEL range, and

Page 40

I agree but does a table count equally as a section rule, the intention is for at least robot to hang but is that official?

Blue box page 41
ENDGAME Points HANG (per ROBOT) - 25 -
PARK (per ROBOT) - 5 -

Thats the rule I cited, it doesn’t specify that a robot must be hanging.

But thats a blue box so the section ruling supersedes it

I seems that the definition of LEVEL does not require any robots to be HANGING.

However, the criteria for the 15 points is twofold: the thing must br LEVEL, and at least one robot must be HANGING.


I suspect this will be cleared up in a team update. I would guess there will be no pts awarded with a level switch without robots hanging.
good catch!..

Also, since HANGING may be granted by an opposing penalty, it seems reasonable that the 15-point LEVEL bonus may be obtained without any robot touching the GENERATOR SWITCH.

That is a good one for Q&A. Specifically, someone (I don’t have an account) should ask,

Is “will be considered HANGING” in the violation of G15 sufficient to trigger “all ALLIANCE ROBOTS contacting the GENERATOR SWITCH are HANGING” in Section 4.4.4? Does it matter if the affected ROBOT is or is not touching the SWITCH?

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