LGBTQ+ of FIRST: Events!

We are excited to share that we are attending over 45 events this competition season! Find us at a competition near you to learn more about our organization, show support for LGBTQ+ FIRSTers, and receive a pin!

FTC events

  • February 24: Georgia State Championship
  • February 24: Virginia State Championship
  • March 8-10: South Super Regional

FRC events
You can also view our FRC events in the attached graphic!

Week 1:

  • Central NY Regional
  • FIM Southfield
  • FIM Traverse City
  • Miami Valley Regional
  • NE Granite State
  • NE WPI
  • Palmetto Regional
  • PNW Clackamas
  • PNW Mt. Vernon
  • Utah Regional

Week 2:

  • FIM Kettering 2
  • Heartland Regional
  • IN St. Joseph
  • MAR Westtown
  • NE Waterbury
  • San Diego Regional

Week 3:

  • Central Illinois Regional
  • FIM Gaylord
  • FIM Milford
  • NE North Shore
  • NE Southern CT
  • NY Tech Valley Regional
  • PNW Auburn
  • PNW Yakima
  • South Pacific Regional

Week 4:

  • Colorado Regional
  • FIM Mason
  • Greater Pittsburgh Regional
  • IN Plainfield
  • Iowa Regional
  • Las Vegas Regional
  • MAR Seneca
  • NE Rhode Island
  • PNW Glacier Peak
  • Sacramento Regional

Week 5:

  • FIM East Kentwood
  • Idaho Regional
  • IN Tippecanoe
  • NE UNH
  • PNW Mountainview
  • Silicon Valley Regional

Week 6:

  • FIM Alpena
  • NE Hartford
  • NYC Regional
  • Seven Rivers Regional

You can find more information (and updates), including about meet-ups, spotlighting our staff members, and more on our website! If you’re looking for more specific event information, check out our attendance spreadsheet.

We also have great partner teams helping us out this season, and expanding our reach throughout the FIRST community. More information about the events our partner teams will be attending and their contributions to LGBTQ+ of FIRST can be found here!

We will be updating our event attendance with District and World Championship information as the season progresses.

Hello our team supports the LBGTQ community throughout the Pittsburgh Area by coming to the Pittsburgh parade, walking and spreading the message through part of our philanthropy in the offseason also. Thank you for the great message!

Find as at all four FTC Super-Regional events!

  • South
    : March 8-10
  • West:
    March 8-11
  • East:
    March 16-18
  • North:
    March 15-17

Additionally, our partner team ** FTC 3526 Marlbots is sponsoring an event at the FTC West Super-Regional called Rainbow Saturday. On March 10th, wear rainbow clothing or accessories to support LGBTQ+ people in FIRST and STEM! For more information, stop by the pits of FTC3526 or FTC10908! FTC 2856 Tesseract will also have pronoun buttons** to advocate for LGBTQ+ equality!

You can pick up a LGBTQ+ of FIRST enamel pin at any of the FTC Super-Regionals, whether from a partner team or a staff member. Follow our websitefor updates!

We also will no longer have staff attendance at the FRC Week 3 FIM District Milford event.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or interest in getting involved!

If anyone wants a pin at San Diego, feel free to track me down!