LGBTQ+ of FIRST: Survey Results!

LGBTQ+ of FIRST is proud to announce our community survey results!

With more 130 respondents from throughout FIRST, we’re thrilled to share our findings! Here are a couple of interesting statistics we discovered:

  • 27.1% of students and 21.3% of mentors strongly agree that students and mentors on their team try to understand LGBTQ+ identities.
  • Only 11.8% of respondents reported knowing an LGBTQ+ mentor.
  • 26.2% of transgender students do not feel comfortable expressing their gender at events.
  • 18.4% of respondents reported hearing mentors use slurs, such as fg or dke.

Take a look at our infographic report here!

Together, we hope to use what we have learned to improve the atmosphere of FIRST for LGBTQ+ students, and provide directed educational materials.

Thank you to Liam Fay for conducting and compiling the survey and results.

If you’re interested in helping us make FIRST a more welcoming and accepting place, check out our ambassador and partnershipapplications!

Thank you all for publishing this survey! These statistics are very good to know and will definitely help us as we further our goal of making everyone feel welcome in FIRST.

I really hope I’m not the only one deeply disturbed by this. I sincerely hoped that percentage would be zero, but alas.

Great information!

That percentage is extremely high and sadly I have heard things like this. As a new lead mentor, one of my goals is to take all of the necessary steps to stop this behavior.

The only good thing to be said for that last stat is that it was much higher during your great-grandmother’s youth.

The first two stats indicate how fast the situation is changing now. Today’s teens and tweens are asserting themselves more bravely than my generation did, in part because they are standing on the shoulders of many brave people who faced a much less accepting world back in the day.

The results of this poll are terrifying. As a community and as individuals, we need to do more to ensure that all participants are welcomed and accepted. My team and I will continue our efforts to spread awareness and education about this topic.

That’s really true - though we still have so far to go, it’s important to remember how we’ve come and who has allowed us to do so.

The results of my team’s internal surveys bear out your findings. Thanks for continuing this good work.

I would encourage anyone with questions or anyone seeking advice regarding LGBTQ+ Inclusion to reach out to Team 1710 or myself. We have an initiative which aims to tackle this issue from all angles, and we would be happy to share.

That’s great! It’s wonderful to hear about your teams’ efforts to be inclusive and welcoming. If you’re interested in working with LGBTQ+ of FIRST, we’d love to have you apply to be a partner team for the organization!