LI Regionals...

Posted by Christina Alzona at 03/10/2001 12:08 AM EST

Other on team #271, Mechanical Marauders, from Bay Shore High School and Verizon.

Hey guys. Wow, comparatively speaking, the highest score of the day sucks really bad.The regionals high is like 160 so far. Barely anyone can balance the bridge in a descent amount of time. And of course, our robot is fully functional, but has the worst luck on the planet. Our alliances have all been really bad, either the robot can’t do much…or the good ones break somehow (ie two robots got stuck together and couldnl’t move right outside the endzone). It’s sooooooo frustrating! Hopefully, tomorrow will get better. Half the robots here don’t even have the traction to make it up the bridge. Well, I just wanted to do a little ranting and raving…sorry. Talk to you all later!

~Christina ºoº