LI Teams! 810 Needs Your Help!

Hey y’all!

810 is on the cusp of beginning our first intra-team competition, and we’ve decided on using the Lego Mindstorms kit that participants in FLL use. Unfortunately, after some investigation, it doesn’t appear as if we’re going to have enough Lego pieces to do as we’d hoped. The school owns 3 sets we’re borrowing, and several of our students have also offered their own sets.

So - I just thought I’d troll CD for some help. If any LI team has Mindstorms kits that you’d be willing to lend us until Thanksgiving or so, or knows of someone who may, please help us out!

Specifically, we’re looking for as many of the special mindstorms pieces as possible. RCXs, motors, sensors, etc.


I would like to informally protest the previous post in that M. Krass has totally shattered my image of him by posting something actually NON-CONTROVERSIAL!

What is the world coming to?

My smelling salts! Where are my smelling salts!

In all seriousness though M, I hope you are able to get the pieces you need. Good luck.:cool:

i’ll try and digg em up M if i find any maybe i can snail mail them to you


I’ve got a Mindstorm kit, and I’d be more than willing to let you borrow whatever you need. The only problem is that I’m in CT. If you’d like, I can mail you whatever parts you need/want.

You can respond to me here or direct to my email.

Good luck.

I’ve got two RCX, but am in Virginia.

A bit far…:-/


Cant drive that far AGAIN so soon.