Liability Insurance for Community Based FRC


We are a community based, 501c3, FRC team. We are looking for advice for obtaining General Liability for our team. We want to make sure that our mentors are covered, the build space we are using is covered, and any medical emergencies that might arise is covered, etc. Can someone please recommend a company to us. Thank you!!


4H is a great way to go. They are set up to support student activities. There are also stand alone policys from companies like


My team just called around continuously until we found a insurance broker who was willing to try and find someone willing to cover us. They put us into a youth organization bracket so we are only paying about 700 dollars a year for 2 million in liability, and various lesser amounts for other forms of damage.

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I’m paying about double that - if you feel like it, could you PM me with some general details?


+1 to 4H. They provide us with a large liability insurance at no cost to the team.


+1 to both of these solutions. I’ve run 4-H teams, they’re great. We’ve gone to a local insurance broker when we needed a policy for SCRIW, they’re great.


Not sure what your policy is but ours covers this.
So just incase anyone ever asks, we have BOP insurance which is essentially general liability + property damage + property possession. Our coverage is as follows:
General Agrogate: $2,000,000
Occurrence: $1,000,000
Damage to Premises: $100,000
Injury: $1,000,000
Possession: $50,000
We just called brokers until we found someone willing to cover us.