Libby Kamen - WFF (Yay!)

I know this is a little late, but Libby Kamen was recognized as a Woodie Flowers Finalist at Finger Lakes in week 4.

Many of you probably know her because of her well-known last name; her father is the late Bart Kamen, a huge influence here in NJ FIRST (amongst many other things).

But the world doesn’t end at New Jersey, and so there are likely many out there who don’t know her. My advice to you: If you make it to CMP (ever) or almost any MAR evernt, find Libby and say hello.

I know her as a high school kid, but she’s all grown up now, and operating as a highly functional adult (arguably disguised as a kid). She is kind, intelligent, thoughtful, fun, organized and, of course, gracious. Indeed, everything anyone would ever want in a WFF. And for the cynics out there, I again invite you to just say hello - it’ll only take a minute to realize that she really earned and deserves this recognition. I am sure that 1923 would not be the same without her.

So, a big congratulations to her on WFF. She went out of her way to find me and congratulate me when I won a few years back, and I’m just returning the favor.

Yay Libby!!! Great job and thanks for all that you do for us!


Rght week, wrong event (even though the teams participating looked mostly the same :smiley: ). Tech Valley at RPI.

Definitely deserves the honor. Congrats!


Libby, I think I’ve seen you at every event I’ve attended! Well deserved and congrats!

Congratulations Libby!

WFFA honors are very difficult to come by in a lot of places in the country, always great to see great people win it.

Libby is the real deal and extremely deserving. Those who have been fortunate enough to see her in action know this, of course. Congratulations!

She loves FIRST so much that she represents FIRST at one of their sponsors :stuck_out_tongue: Talk about a kid in a candy store or a super awesome fun-ness disguised as a job :wink: << May have opened the box of sass :smiley:

Congratulations Libby!

Um. Yeah. Sorry :o
From down here in NJ, everything ‘upstate’ looks kinda the same.

Congrats again, Libby!

Does anyone know generally what the average age of a WFF is? Libby’s like my age (23?), and at least when I think about the other WFFs I know, they’re…ahem…more experienced. :rolleyes: Libby’s experienced, you guys. This is a euphemism for old.

Seriously though, how common is it to win a WFF before you can rent a car easily?

It’s not common… Libby is a special lady. :slight_smile: I did see another young alumni win a WFF this season though. I wonder if it will grow in frequency as more and more program alumni come back to mentor?

Just wanted to poke my head into this thread - Wow. Don, and all who have commented - Thank you.

I’ve reflected a bit in another post, but all the kind words that have come my way have meant so much.

Growing up in the FIRST community has certainly been an interesting ride, but I couldn’t be happier with the friends it has brought me and the amazing students I’ve gotten a chance to work with.

Thank you all, very much. :slight_smile: