Libraries for FRsky Taranis

Can anyone build a library for the FRsky Taranis for use in driving the robot though driverstation? We’re trying to use a Taranis for control this year, over USB straight into driver station.

I Googled for “FRsky Taranis USB HID device” and came up with this:

This reddit thread might also help:

It seems to suggest you need that OpenTX firmware on it for it to show up as a device.

Someone on there also suggested buying a $10 converter on eBay to save time.

Hope that helps. I doubt anyone here is going to build a driver for you.

How do i setup each stick as a different joystick?

Yesterday you were asking if this was possible, today you’re asking for us to do it for you…

Has anyone actually done this before (I personally have never heard of it)? If not, you’re blazing new territory, in which case you’ll probably have to figure it out as you go along, no one else will have experience with it to tell you what to do.

So I do have a solution to the problem… sorta. I can use the left gimbal as a regular joystick, and map the other gumbal as a "twist, like as if you were to twist a regular joystick. And map the z axis for the other side. I’m still going to try and find out if I can map it as 2 separate joysticks, I’ll keep you updated.

Please do. Also, please post your solution to the problem in as much detail as possible so that the next person who comes along and needs help making their frisky tyrannosaurus work as a driver station input will know what to do.

Hi All, sorry for the spam over the past 2 days, but i finally got the taranis working properly for Omnidrive (or any other form of drivetrain) over USB.

To abide by FRC’s rules about wireless communication with the bot, (like over 2.4ghz) You must disable the Internal and External radio inside the taranis’s settings. After that, i deleted all the input channels on the taranis and started from scratch with a new model.

Channel Layout:

Channel One is set to Thr(Throttle)
Channel Two is set to Ele(Elevator)
Channel Three is set to Switch SH (Momentary)
Channel Four is set to Switch SD (3 Position).

Whenever you plug your taranis into your PC, drivers should automatically install, make sure your remote is on before you plug it into the PC. Go into device manager and make sure the Taranis is showing up as an 8 Axes 32 button joystick (or something of that nature) Then calibrate it. After that, Driverstation should recognize the controller as a joystick, and register inputson the first 4 axes inputs.


Since I set up our taranis to run omnidrive (or tank drive if you have treads),

You will need to call on the x Axis for the left side of the drive train, and the y axis for the right side of the drive train. to use the momentary switch, call on the z axis. X-rotate is the 3 position switch as i have it set up currently. You c

Like i said, sorry again to all the mods that had to deal w my mess.

if you would like to play with the inputs and outputs in the taranis menu, you can change things to the exact way you like them. as of now, this is how i have it configured.
Thanks all who helped!!

We thought about doing the same thing, program within the OpenTX software. The problem for us that the USB driver seemed to be limited to 8-bit resolution. The thought of having to program a new USB module was not great.

So, we are in the process of prototyping new electronics in the FrSky controller. Here is an image of the current work:

Here is more information on the work:


We are using the mm-joy firmware on a arduino pro as the central controller to the new circuit. Our test show 4K resolutions on the joysticks.