Libraries other than WpiLib?

During today’s Season Celebration announcement of Peter Johnson for the Volunteer of the Year Award, Frank mentioned that 80% of the teams use WpiLib. What are the other 20% of teams using for their robots?


Primarily LabVIEW, but you can see the stats here: 2021 Beta Testing and 2020 Data Usage Reporting | FIRST

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A few, as seen in that link, run Python, and even fewer run Kotlin. Kotlin might be rolled into the 80% because it is interoperable with Java.

I mean there were at least two teams running Kotlin in North Carolina alone from 2019-2021

Both Python and Kotlin are counted in the 80% using WPILib: RobotPy is basically a Python wrapper around WPILibC (I might be wrong about this, feel free to correct me), and all the Kotlin teams I know (and I know quite a few) use WPILibJ.

I’m pretty sure that almost all of the 20% that don’t use WPILib are LabVIEW teams. If the low-level HAL C API counts as part of WPILib, it’s practically impossible to run anything else because that’s the only bridge (afaik) to languages that are not LabVIEW.


Reemphasizing this. I’m not aware of any language library that is not a wrapper or has a dependency on WPILib.

FIRST Rust Competition wraps WPILib and so does Emoji code lib.

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I know there’s at least one team that makes calls directly to the HAL based on this comment. One team won’t make a huge difference in a data set of a few thousand teams (assuming the 20% figure is based on 2019 numbers), but it’s an interesting technicality.

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