License Transfer

Is there away to get EasyC off one computer and onto another using the same license? We have the program on a computer there (was the most dependable thing since I don’t have a laptop) and now for competition we are going to need it on a laptop.

Yes, you can transfer the license from one computer to another.

Install EasyC on the laptop. When you run it, there should be a registration box that shows a “PC Specific Code” – make note of it. On the PC which you already have the licensed copy of EasyC installed, go to Help -> Registration… in the EasyC window to open the registration dialog. Choose “Manual Transfer” and enter the exact PC code from the destination computer. You will then receive an unlock code to enter on the laptop, and the license on the source PC will be dropped.

I believe that this process requires an active Internet connection for both computers.

Thanks for that

I don’t know whether Intelitek still does this, but it used to be that if you needed to transfer a license and you didn’t have the source and destination computers available at the same time, you would call Intelitek to “hold” the unlock code until you were ready to use it on the new computer.

You can transfer the Lic back to our servers over the internet.