Licensing Questions

I have some questions about the licensing of Inventor. I recently installed last year’s copy (Inventor 8) on several of our school’s PC’s. Currently they are running in the 30-day trial mode. We don’t have a server running, and our IT administrator isn’t comfortable running a license server just for this application.

I’m wondering what our options are for getting the software correctly licensed. Is there any way to get several individual licenses instead of using a network license server? I tried installing that way, but the software says it’s network licensed only. Could I maybe install the license server on my laptop, connect to the network long enough to borrow a license on each PC, and then disconnect? Who can help me out with this? I tried sending these questions to autodesk, but they said I should contact my reseller with those questions. :frowning:

You may have to wait for this year’s software to receive the full license.

For last year you could load as individual licenses. This Threadmay help.

Interesting… in our situation, I’d actually prefer the individual licenses. But I got the impression that my only option was to serve the licenses from one network license server. I’ll have to go back and see what problem I had run into.