Lidar-Lite V3 Laser Ranging module

We have just purchased our first lidar-lite v3. Unfortunately, none of us actually know how to use it lol. Hope to receive help from you guys.

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This isn’t lined in the other thread, but could be relevant - AndyMark has a sample LidarLite java implementation with a lot of great inline code comments, here:

We wired the PWM output of the LIDAR Lite to a CANifier and got raw values that way. Here is our code for reference:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


We experimented with this to great success on our robot. We didn’t put it to use, but I guarantee it works.

Please ask questions!

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Hi, we have our Lidar connected to a canifier board and have proven that the lidar is putting out the correct PWM signal. Our SW team has used the same code you used but they are only seeing 0s. We have tried a second canifier board to insure it was not that. Anything else you can think of that is causing us to only read 0s?

Thanks, Don D (Team 1405)

Verify that you are using the correct ID for the CANifier in code by checking the ID on Phoenix Tuner. Also make sure your firmware is up to date.

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