Lie down the battery or not?!

Hello everyone ,
I must ask all of the specialists in here an importent qustion …

Can we lie down the battery or not ? Is it dangerous? Can it hurt the battry?

Thank you in advance ,
Nadav .:slight_smile:

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I have nevre heard anyone say that lying the battery down causes any problems, I have seen teams fo it before with no problems.

We’ve been doing it for years without any problems. It’s sealed, so i don’t see the problem…We even ended up dragging it behind us in a match last year.

Positioning will not damage the battery. Just make sure its nice and secure because we had problems with that last year, at one point it actually fell out and threw our robot waaay off balance:ahh: , we switched to a vertical battery position and we find it works better that way, but as far as damaging the battery it won’t.

The battery can be in any orientation on your robot during a match. For charging purposes it must be placed upright.

We are laying down the battery this year, we also did it last year. No problems, it is a Sealed Lead Acid or Non-Spillable battery. It’s probably more secure to lay it down, more surface area to grip something than it would be if it was standing up.

The manufacturer recommends that you do not mount the battery upside down. Other than that, you should not have any problems in any other orientation.

I recommend that you always charge the battery right side up.

You can definitely lay it down Nadav. Make sure it’s secured well though. It’s always embarrassing to be the team that has their battery laying on the field during a match.

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Both absolutely correct. If the battery were to vent (internal overpressure relief), the venting works best in the upright position. Overcharge is the common cause of overpressure, thus the strong recommendation that the batteries be upright while charging. It’s a safety thing.