Life Expectancy


A stress-year is a year of your life you will have lost due to high stress situations.

Approximately how many stress years, rounded to one decimal place, do you think the FRC robotics seasons have cost you?

I figure that each FRC season is worth about 1.1 years of stress, but the good feeling you get when you have built a robot that suceeds is worth about .60 years added to your life. Therefore, (4 * 1.1) - (4 * .60) = (4 * .50) = 2 years that FIRST has taken off of my life.

I assume the risk for mentors is much, much higher.

I’m a mentor, so I’ll just double your equation :slight_smile:

3 * 1.1 - 3 * 0.6 = 1.5

I figure a mentor stress factor of 2.1 is adequate

3.2 stress years

I don’t feel any older after a season, but I do have more gray hair :frowning: .

im only 14 but im finding gray hair in a beard THAT I DON’T HAVE YET:mad:

I think its time to get some sleep.

And the award for most depressing thread on Chief Delphi goes to…

For every year of participating in FIRST, you become gain about 3 years because of the happiness and joy it brings later in life.

A few years of stress is worth a lifetime of opportunity.