LifeCam 3000 FPS Limit

Hey everybody,
We just got our LifeCam 3000 working tonight, and we noticed that there seems to be a limit of 10 FPS. Is there any way to raise this limit? Just so you know, we’re using Java.

I believe there are some fixes in work for the camera libraries that will make it more efficient and have higher frame rates.

Correct. We’re hoping to get these out sometime next week, we’re in the testing phase for the improvements now.

Another quick question, we have a circle in the top left corner of our camera feed in the dashboard. Is there a way to remove this circle, or is this some sort of feature?

It sounds like you are using the Intermediate Vision example, which shows how to make the robot process the image and send the processed image. It does this by drawing a circle. If you just want view the camera images on the dashboard, you should look at the Simple Vision example, which uses automatic capture in the background.

Sorry for bringing this thread back up again, but have the updates to the API been released yet?

Take a look at today’s team update.

Hehe. I read this as something like “Lifecam has a 3000 fps limit” and I was wondering why anybody would complain about that. Seemed like plenty of fps to me.

If only…

The limit is 30 fps. In order to get that many, you will need to set the camera frame rate. You will need to modify the exposure or provide enough light for the auto exposure. And you’ll have to have efficient code doing the Gets and processing.

If your code takes longer than 33ms, you cannot keep up with the camera, and it will start dropping frames.

Greg McKaskle

Tested all this new stuff out yesterday, works great! Thanks for all your help, everyone.