lifecam 3000 not displaying on smartdashboard

We’ve read several posts on CD about displaying an image on the smartdashboard, but we are still getting errors using Lifecam 3000.

Specifically, when we go to View > Add > USB Webcam Viewer, it says… “Connection refused: connect”.

When we go to View > Add > Simple Camera Viewer, it says…

We are plugged into the RoboRio, and here is the code we are running in robotInit():

frame = NIVision.imaqCreateImage(NIVision.ImageType.IMAGE_RGB, 0);

session = NIVision.IMAQdxOpenCamera(“cam0”,

We’ve checked the RoboRio Web interface and made sure our camera is named “cam0”. We’ve also done something where we got rid of x86 in the CMD and downloaded another version of the SmartDashboard according to WPI Screensteps.