Lifecam and FRC Driver Station not communicating -_-

I am a programmer with team 3971, everything works great wirelessly, except for that the camera data received by the roborio and labview is not being communicated to the driver station. We did set up something so the initial camera data can be shown on the PC in the vision processing VI but this same image is not going to the driver station under any setting.

If anybody has advice or a solution that would be greatly appreciated.

Danke - V and team 3971

Our team is experiencing the same thing. I’m not for bumping threads, but there was no response to this issue and we are looking for the same solution. No other thread seems to address our problem. Any help is appreciated.

Does a default project & default Dashboard work with the USB camera?

  • Camera must be plugged in before powering the roboRIO.
  • Does the camera show up as a selection (“Camera”) on the Dashboard after booting?
  • When you select “Camera” what appears on the screen? Still showing “No Camera Selected”?
  • Turn down the camera settings after you’ve connected and gotten “Camera”, e.g., 320x240, 10fps, 50% compression.
  • If the camera image still isn’t showing reset just the roboRIO through the Driver Station Diagnostics tab