LifeCam LED Mount for Vision Tracking

Does anyone have any good ways of mounting LEDs to the LifeCam HD 3000 thing that we got in the KoP last year? We are trying to do vision tracking this year and are going to need some light source around the camera in order get a nice, bright target.


We have used these lights in the past by just mounting them to the camera. also has some nice LED rings

It depends on the LEDs you use. Cardboard and plexiglass always make good mounts.

We are currently using a very advanced mount consisting of zip ties and 100mph tape. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. We may 3d print something for robustness on the field, as there is no good way that I have found to mount the ring leds to the rectangular camera.

Several years ago we discovered 12V LED Modules. You can see one of our robots with the modules on this page (Team 836) They can run straight off the battery with no issues. (Warning: BRIGHT) If anyone is interested, I can dig up the part number.

How do you wire yours up?