LifeCam overexposed

Hey all,

Last year we didn’t use the USB LifeCam, as we couldn’t figure out how to make the output not be overexposed.

This year, we tried plugging our 4 lifecams into a computer, and configure the settings through the lifecam software. Only one of the four cameras retains the settings, the others go back to their standard overexposed settings.
What is the trick?

Thank you!

What programming language? In most, you can change the settings in the code

What language?

In LabVIEW in the stock “Vision Processing vi” the camera is opened with several of the settings being configured. “Set Exposure” defaults to “Auto” but it can be changed to “Custom” and then a numerical exposure % can be input into the vi.

We use C++, but I thought the camera settings were independent of any coding?

I am wondering how to change the Lifecam’s settings also. I see the WPILib documentation on ScreenSteps says to go to the camera’s IP to change its settings, but you can’t do that with a USB camera.

Try using the USBCamera class instead of the imaq class. USBCamera had the ability to set exposure, brightness, and white balanced.

Thank you! It works