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With the Lifecam HD-3000, does the FOV angle change with resolution/aspect ratio change? I use 320x240 and want to find distance but want to calculate the horizontal FOV correctly(if someone can for me plz do). Plz help, thanks!

Please note that I am certainly not an expert on this and may be very wrong after my Google searching (please correct me if I am) but FOV should not change with aspect ratio and definitely not with resolution.

In order to calculate the angle mathematically:


where d is the length (in millimeters) of the sensor or film and f is the focal length. You can read more about it here as I did.

The specs are not easily accessible so you may have to seek other solutions such as those outlined by Greg here.

If you want to measure this directly, there are a couple approaches. NI IMAQ has a calibration operation that uses a page of polka dots held in front of the camera to characterize the camera/lens distortions, field of view, etc.

A low-tech approach is to use a yard stick and a tape measure. Hold the yardstick in front of the camera, parallel to the camera sensor/lens. Move it back and forth until it goes from edge to edge. Use a tape measure to get the distance from the camera focal point to the yardstick. Some cameras have a small mark where the focal point is inside the camera, but you can use the distance to the lens or perhaps the center of the camera.

Now draw out a picture showing how the triangle 18" wide and distance away will give you the half-angle of your FOV.

Greg McKaskle

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I would also suggest asking for formulas/explanations when things are unclear rather than solutions because it will benefit you in the long-term if you can do the math (and save the world!).