Lifecam vx-2000 Settings

I’ve been reading about many of the other cameras that other teams use have the ability to change settings like FOV, exposure, brightness, etc. yet I have no clue how to change it on ours. We’re using the Lifecam vx-2000 and I can’t find a good specs sheet on where I can adjust these settings, or if I can even do it in code. I’m not programming on windows so I don’t have access to the native lifecam application and would prefer to do it in my c++ code with opencv. If anybody could help me out, that’d be great.

Assuming you’re using Linux, you can use the “v4l2-ctl” application to control these parameters. Run “v4l2-ctl -l” to see a list of all parameters.

You may also be able to set some of them through OpenCV, but support (especially for exposure) is hit or miss on different cameras.

No matter how you change these parameters, they are not saved on the camera so you need to set them each time the camera powers on.