Light Sensor Suggestions

Currently, i’m stepping out of field of current knowledge and trying to find a ‘light sensor’ that can find RGB intensity and shape. Rockwell has sorts of different RGB sensors, but I am inexperienced with what would be suitable to finding the said intensity and shape of the hot High Goal during the Autonomous Period.

There is the reflective tape, but I would like to combine finding the reflective tape positions and the Hot Goal LED lighting.

Would either or both of these be possible with an Axis M1013 camera? Or would seperate sensors be needed? Either way, what would be the suggested method to do both of these actions?

Thanks! I can provide more information if needed.

If you want to recognize shape, you need a camera.

The lights around the goals are for the benefit of people. Arena lighting will make it difficult for a computer to interpret them consistently. The retro-reflective vision targets will be much simpler to detect, and there is example code for using an Axis camera to recognize the targets and identify the hot goal.

The code he is referring to should be an option under samples when you make a new project, but if you want the step by step walkthrough, this website details the process, some suggested values for HSL/RBG and even goes through the code as well.