Light Sensor Type, Please Help!

Hey all.

I’m working on a test fixture here at work (im in R&D) and we need a light sensor to determine the position of a door.

I would like to use the ones that FIRST provided, as they were simple and can handle our power supply.

So here is the question: where do i get this? Who is a good distributor and what is the part number?

I have searched a little, and was unable to find any specifics on this.

Any help is grealy appreciated!

-Alex They are here somewhere and you might as well get the sensors direct from the vendor.

We used, they supply from various vendors at good prices, heres the link:

Here are a couple of websites of interest.

Are you trying to just determine two positions i.e. opened and closed? Are you trying to determine absolute position? Each of these will need different devices. The Banner sensor line has several devices that are used as proximity sensors that would work well for open and closed. Depending on your application, rangefinding might be a better way to go if the distance is greater than a few feet. Digikey has a large variety that may not stand up in an industrial environment without other enclosures. McMaster Carr has a variety of devices that are designed for use on production lines that may be more suitable.

Basically, yes, just two positions. We use sterilizers here at work to to product life testing on our hand-pieces (drills, ect). We just got a new one and my job as a co-op is to build a robot to to repetitive test. It basically inserts a tray, closes the door, starts a cycle, waits for it to end, opens the door, removes the tray, cool the items, and then restarts the process.

The fixture will be mounted a few inches (likely 3) from the door. The door drops down into the machine to allow for tray insertion. I need to put a mark on the door so we can verify that it is indeed closed or open. I would like to use the light sensor to detect these marks on the door, or even just a single mark.

Also, the system is 24v, but can be easily modified for something else.

I would like the sensor to be able to output a digital signal, rather than an analog one. However, if this is not possible, i would likely need an amplified signal so that i may use it in line with a relay control.

Any suggestions on the type of sensor and part numbers?

Any of the short distance Banners would work just fine but are rather expensive when a micro switch would likely be just as effective and more reliable.

I’m with Al on this one. Also, a micro switch, even a limit switch, could handle the 24v without having any modifications. Not so with the banner sensor.