Light Sensors

Are any teams using the light sensors this year? I don’t remember seeing any teams at Rutgers using them. We use them, but not for tracking goals. We use them to pick up balls. Our conveyor has 4 sensors on it that can space the balls about 1 - 2 inches apart. We didn’t use it much, but worked well the few times we did. How useful are they for tracking the goals? I’d think they’d be unreliable, but then again, I never saw anyone using them.

Our team used the light sensors to detect the balls when they got in the correct place. If any one watched GLR while we where playing, you will know, the light sensors worked very, very well for us. I don’t know about finding the goals, though…

Our auto hand/arm mechanism uses a sensor to see a ball, grab it and throw it in our onboard basket.

We auto dock to the goals using the sensors, basically you just point the back of the robot at a goal and it goes and latches itself on, even if we never use it, its really quite amusing.