Light stopped in its tracks

Summary: A scientist found out a way to stop light, and start it up again by bringing a container to near absolute 0, and injecting a cloud of Sodium and trapping the light in it.

It’s quite amazing really. Before they were able to slow it down, but now they’ve completely stopped it. Imagine all the applications! With this, we are now completely able to control light (well almost completely). Technology as we know it is going to change dramatically. Holograms will no longer be science fiction :o

What do you guys think?

if they can stop light the next step would be making cloaking device :yikes:

They’ve already done that… They called it the invisibility cloak or something. They bent microwaves around an object.

I don’t think that is what he was referring to. I think he was intending that it be “truly” invisible. Besides, even the article said it was “nearly” invisible. That is still cool but has too many flaws for practical use. This idea of stopping the light has some major possibilities though. Just throwing this out there, but wouldn’t it be possible in the future to use this to record important historic events? Use it as some sort of video storage? I don’t know, but am just curious.