Light Tracer + Bump Map?

We are experiencing weird artifacting problems when using Light Tracer with tiling bump maps (like carpet, and other large flat surfaces) It seems that supersampling and texture filtering does not work correctly when rendering bump mapped surface with light tracer. Instead of a smooth, perspectively blending pattern, the renderer produces sharp black lines where the bump-mapped indents should be. ( You can see a mild example of such artifacting on one of our gallery screenshots at - look at the last two robot pictures) Inecreasing quality settings didnt help much.
Have anyone else experienced this or knows how to fix the problem?

Do you have a more detailed shot showing this problem in more detail? If you’re worried about it in those shots on there…I’d have to say “COME ON! THATS AN AMAZING SHOT ALREADY!!!”…but then again, you might be more of a perfectionist than I am (i wish i had time to be a perfectionist this year…)

No, these are not the shot i’m concerned with (although fixing the artifacts there would be nice too) I was just too lazy to upload the artifacted pictures.

here is an example of pretty serious artifacting:

like i said, increasing quality settings does not fix it… neither does changing the supersampler settings…
Any help would be really appreciated.

Oooooohhhh, i see now.

From my understanding of light tracer, it’s not meant for detailed renderings like close ups of wood (Granted, I realize this isnt exactly a CLOSE UP, but in the land of photometric lighting, it is). It’s meant more so for lighiting, oh saaaaay, the civic center in some Califronia center (to those that caught that, ;)). I think they’d more so encourage something like photometric lights with a radiosity solution for something like this. However, being deadline’s coming up, I dont know if that would be the wisest thing to do…You might just want to leave light tracing out of THIS scene. Just do it on the scenes wehre it works. That’ll give you the technical edge while even though consistancy throughout the animation wont be the same.

If you can, try some photometric lighting (Its in create>lighting>photometric) and try creating a radiosity solution, maybe even for simply that scene. Lemme know what happens, and if ya wanna, my AIM S/N is specialagentjim, we can see if we can figure it out step by step. Talk to ya later. good luck!

If nothing works, we’ll just remove the bump map… But i hope there is a better solution…