Light Weight Transmission


First of all yes i know there are lots of great transmission designs in white papers, i just wanted someone to point me to a design that uses most parts of the shelf with minimum of custom parts required, uses dual motors and has minimum of 2 speed on the fly and is realitively light.If your team has posted a white paper please let me know, as our team wants to master this technology for next year and can use some help.


I think I can categorically say that everyone on this forum is looking for that transmission, and no one has really found it yet. it’s difficult to have a truly lightweight tranny with all the torque that you can put out with dual motors. That just requires relatively beefy gears by its nature. That being said, I think your best bet is just to look at all the tranny white papers currently posted, and wait for the end of the season for people to post a few more. The pick one that best meets your goals and test it in the off-season. Cause, as my team learned with our tranny this year, nothing is worse than an untested drive-train.