Lighted LEDs

Hey! Team 65 - The Huskie Brigade Along With Gm Powertrain Came Up With A Question About Weight. Will The Lighted LEDs Be Weighted Onto Our Robot During Inspection? If So, How Much Do They Weigh?

Yes, they will count during inspection. I do not know how much they weigh. You could weigh last years to find a rough idea of how much to allot for them

  1. Probably

  2. Not much, a few ounces for all 4

I haven’t had a chance to see the KOP yet, but did we get the same LEDs as last year, I heard rumors of getting new ones this year

The LEDs did not come in the kit of parts, they are being given out at the regionals, or so I have been told

I heard they’re slightly different, and harder to break

thank god, we went through 12 of them last year, 4 of them before the bot got to the field. We had a curse with the LED’s and radio modems

It is interesting that there were none shipped in KOP and the IFI website says “call for availability”. To be on the safe side, figure at 3-4 ounces each.

Update from FIRST Q&A:

ID: 983 Section: 5.4.3 Status: Answered Date Answered: 1/11/2005
Q: We are also missing the LED cluster, may we use last years LEDS??
A: You may not use last years LED cluster. This year’s is much brighter.

Yay! Brighter!:cool: