Lighten up guys!

Personally, I appreciate that DLyons opened a new thread to inform us that the Nationals location has been announced. This is of such import that it deserves to be here in the General forum, and not burried in one of the “lesser” forums.

Personally, I have been ignoring all the other threads dealing with the National’s location since they devolved into mere speculation and FIRST bashing.

You are exactly right… The thing is though, FIRST has leaked out information to people throughout the network…many users here know something, but aren’ t telling, or sounding like they know…

We just don’t know.

I think this nats topic needs to rest until the announcement is made

*Originally posted by gwross *
… to inform us that the Nationals location has been announced…

But I don’t see any official announcement on their webpage … unless I’m totally missing it.

I won’t mind a new thread when they officially announce it – but every day there’s a new “inside sources tell me…” type thread.

I figure the 5 open threads (see below) are enough until they actually officially announce a location.

I looked at the US FIRST page, there still isn’t any OFFICIAL announcement regarding the location of the Championship Event 2003.

So, unless FIRST made any sort of official announcement, all statements made by non-FIRST staff are speculation and rumors, no matter how reliable their sources are.

We simply should not “announce” anything solid and accidentally make teams believe this is true and start making travel arrangements as soon as they see another “oh I have an inside source saying it will definitely be at…”.

So, by keeping rumors and speculations in the threads brandon showed, people will know they are only that. We are not being really strict or anything, just that the discussions need to be organized and not spread into more than 5 threads. Easier for all the readers and posters to follow the discussion.

Besides, some of the threads aren’t FIRST-bashing. Some of the people claim they have some solid leads, and its sounding more and more real. I will be happy to direct you to the specific posts of course.

I think we should lock this thread on top, so people can just click the links to see the 5 posts. Then unlock it when FIRST actually made the announcement.