Lightest Weight Air Compressor

I am looking for a personal project for the lightest possible air compressor. I am looking for one that is less than 1 lb if possible. I know that the Vilair one that is sold by AndyMark is 2.6 lbs, but I am looking for the lightest possible option. Does anyone know of anything lighter. It does not have to be FRC legal! Thanks!

You’ll need some more requirements than lightest weight, or I’m just gonna send this:

I assume you’re doing things similar to FRC, with small cylinders?


I am looking to power one or two small pneumatic pistons and I will have an air tank, so capacity is not an issue and it does not have to be extremely powerful. Fill rate and pressure are not issues for my project. Does that help?

Not particularly? If you have an idea of intended operating pressure (that’ll drive the force you can get out of the cylinders), how often cylinders of a certain size are cycled, and how large the storage tank is (or can be) that’ll get you a lot closer to a particular set of specifications. What corners you can cut compared to a normal FRC compressor, if you will.

If you have anything more about this project you can share there may be some alternatives, like refilling a system without a compressor from a larger, offboard compressor.

Once the air tanks are full, do you ever need to refill them while the project is in use? Do you have a time requirement of how long it takes to fill the tanks?

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Please provide more information.

How much force does each cylinder need to exert?

How much travel does each cylinder need?

How often are the cylinders actuated? How many times in an hour? How many times in total?

If the cylinders are small and short travel and are never actuated very many times in total, could you use a larger tank and no compressor?

I guess the real answer is “The value of any answer you get here will depend on the effort expended to define the question.”

If 0.02 PSI at 0.001 cubic inches per hour is sufficient, I have one that weighs just a few grams.

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If the answer to this question is “no”, then you may want to consider an off-board compressor option.

Is that still a thing? I thought the rules ditched that option, or am I dreaming?

OP indicated this did not need to be FRC legal. It is for a non-FRC “personal project”.