Lighting Camera M1011

What do your teams use for lighting the retroactive tape for the cameras. My team was thinking of using angel lights:

Any input would appreciated!

In the past we have used the green led rings from andy mark. these look very comparable so they should do the trick. however I don’t know if they need to be in a certain color or if it makes things easier because we have always used the green

We have used those in the past with very good results, and plan on reusing them next year. They work like a charm- bright, easy to control, cheap, and quick to set up. My favorite aspect of ring shaped LEDs is that they nest inside each other, which makes it very easy to add on another layer while still keeping the camera in the center.
As for color, I’d think that you’d want to go with something that isn’t going to be the same as any background lighting. Green works well, when we played around with our camera settings we were able to get an image that saw most artificial light as orange or red, while the target remained bright green. That makes for much better vision processing.

They don’t just look comparable; SuperBrightLEDs is the manufacturer of the ones that AndyMark distributes.