Lighting up Rudolph

Every year Lufkin Industries, one of our major sponsors that manufactures pumping units for the oil field, builds Rudolph the Red Nosed Pumping Unit and lights it up in the local mall parking lot to kick off the holiday season. This year they asked our team to use our robot to push the button to turn on the lights. We made some modifications to our Logomotion bot to accomplish the task. It was a fun off season task. Here is a picture of the modified bot before pushing the button.

Here is a picture of Rudolph lit up.

And a video if you interested in seeing it in motion.

Is that a full size truck trailer behind Rudolph? Wow, he’s getting tall as he gets older…
Very nice photo especially with the moon in there.

That is a full size truck trailer. It was a product manufactured by our sponsor as well, but they got out of the trailer business a few years ago. They just keep this one around for Santa to cruse around in. I wish I could take credit for the pic with the moon, but I found it on a local radio station’s web site.