Lightning Robotics 862 presents... Sirius](

Good luck to all our friends competing in Week 1, here in Michigan and everywhere else!

We’ll see you at the Standish (week 1) and Troy (week 5) District events.

#teamwood #teamlowbarchallenged #teamsmileyface

I’m interested to see how well that belt is going to hold up. (assuming that it is associated with the drive system)

Great looking robot! I see the smiley face holes :slight_smile:

Yep; that belt drives the front wheels, and also acts as a tank tread when going over the taller defenses. We’ve protected for the option of augmenting this setup with chain-and-sprocket if we encounter any problems during the competition season, but it’s held up great so far!

I like the smiley face pattern on your shooter.

Neat. I hope you don’t have any issues with slippage.

looks good, look forward to playing with you at Standish.

Nice job Lightning! We were very close to having design completed soon enough for powder coating this year but not quite. Robot looks very clean (as usual). Does not look like our paths will cross sooner than GR. Good Luck!

And that’s not all! If you look closely, you can also see an additional pair of smiley faces in the kicker that feeds our shooter. The kicker is a composite of sorts, laminated from plywood and purple acrylic; there’s a fun story in there, but I need to shove off for tonight’s meeting! :wink:

That’s a nice looking robot! I’m sad we won’t get to play with you guys this year, at least until states.