Lights on Spikes and Vics

Could somebody let me know what the lights and there actions stand for throughout the spikes, vics, and Controller.

The LEDs on the various IFI devices mean a variety of different things. The best thing is for you to download the manuals from the IFI website so you have them handy for reference. The LEDs also assist with calibration.
The robotics website is
I highly recommend you download to your computeer all manuals so you can refer to them during the competition season.

If you’re using the default code just off the top of my head for victors:
Green = Full forward
Red = Full backward
Blinking = program mode (I think)

the RC has everything the the lights represent written on them.

Correct me if I’m wrong…

For the Victors:

Solid Orange - receiving a neutral PWM signal (127)
Blinking Orange - receiving no signal (i.e., disconnected, robot controller in program mode, or dongle in Disable position)

Green - Full (or close to) forward
Red - Full (or close to) reverse

Off - between 127 and full forwards or between 127 and full reverse

For the Spikes:

Solid Orange - neutral, receiving power
Green - forwards (V+ connected to M+, V- connected to M-)
Red - backwards (V+ connected to M-, V- connected to M+)
Off - not receiving power OR both on (only useful if using a Spike for multiple solenoids: V+ connected to both M+ and M-)

Definitely pay attention to the lights on the Victors, as they can help you diagnose problems like bad PWM cables and incorrect connections.

Thank you!