Likely change in airline mask policy for those flying on Tue Apr 19

For those flying to Houston tomorrow (Tue Apr 19) do not be surprised if you see announcements at the airport that the requirement for masking in US airports and on US domestic flights has been lifted. Not commenting on the decision, just providing a heads-up regarding the potentially unexepected change.

AP News story

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All I’m going to say is that shortly after the UK made this decision, a lot of airline staff got sick and there were hundreds of cancelled flights. Praying that the same doesn’t happen here, but I would not be totally shocked if there were some flights which got cancelled or altered, particularly on the way back as the change will have a few days to take effect.

Even though masks are not required on the flights, I highly recommend wearing them at least for boarding and unboarding. The fancy ventilation systems are not running then, and CO2 monitoring shows the PPM of CO2 can get scarily high during this time period. And if CO2 can build in the air, so can Covid and any other nasty bugs. No one at Champs wants whatever you picked up at the airport.


@Leap have fun, don’t die before you pay rent this month


I’ll have an N95 on basically from when I leave my house in South Carolina. They’re $3 for two at any Harbor Freight. Cheap insurance against missing something 19 years in the making.


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