Lime light tracking

how do you track with color and shape of cargo? Our team is having problems with the limelight getting confused too easily with what its target is. Also, do we have to use grip to do that or can it be done on the website?

  1. Width Height ratio will be very important; bumpers are short and wide, balls are equal in all dimensions. (Try a value somewhere around 1)
  2. Exposure will matter a lot to be able to get a good colored image to do HSV on. On the limelight, it will have to be pretty high.
  3. HSV: first move the sliders to encompass everything. Now move saturation up just a bit until only bumpers/balls are visible. Now tune HSV so only red or blue things are visible. Now tune value up until the bottom of the ball just barely starts to disappear. Then tighten your saturation and you should be set.

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