Limelight 2+ actual power consumption?

Hi - I’ve looked through whatever docs I can find on Limelight 2+ and I can’t find any specs on power consumption. Anyone have any clues?

I’m setting up a benchtop environment to play with (ie no robot). I saw another post that said it can powered by a 12v 2A supply - which I’m sure would work - but I don’t have any of those lying around, and I doubt that this thing really draws 24 watts?

[edit] Maybe ‘benchtop’ was the wrong word - let’s say tabletop. Something that can be easily taken home and played with fully standalone. I was thinking a 12v wall wart kind of thing, but depending on the power requirement?

If you have a spare VRM around, you have a 12V 2A supply. Use a spare PDP or PDH channel to powere it.

The limelight documentation says explicitly NOT to power the limelight off the VRM. Here is what the limelight getting started guide (Getting Started — Limelight 1.0 documentation) says:

Do not run wires to your VRM.
Run two wires from your limelight to a slot on your PDP (NOT your VRM).
Add any breaker (5A, 10A, 20A, etc.) to the same slot on your PDP.
Run an ethernet cable from your Limelight to your robot radio.

We power our limelight off one of the small PDP slots and have a 30 amp breaker. It works fine.

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Is there any reasoning behind this other than it not being necessary? Being able to use a VRM to power the limelight and a network switch together would be beneficial to keep another power port open on the PDP if needed, without having to wire a more custom circuit.

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I suspect the Limelight is designed to connect directly to the PDP to improve performance (ex. no LEDs dimming) when voltage dips. Running it to a VRM should be fine but it’d be worth testing what happens when your battery is low or when motors are at full usage.

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If you use separate vrm on a different slot it’s okay but won’t make any significant difference.
Using the same vrm as your radio can be problematic, if the current is too high the vrm will reset and you will lose connection with the robot. As a rule of thumb, keep the radio VRM only to the radio.

We will be using the radio power module from rev for our radio but I meant more for like a network switch or perhaps a separate coprocessor, like an Arduino.

Luckily with the REV PDH there’s many more power ports so it’s less of an issue being limited.

Also illegal.

The 12V 2A slots on the radio VRM are reserved for the radio. That’s why I suggested a second VRM.

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