Limelight 2 Availability

I have been checking pretty regularly to see if they have the limelight 2 in stock. Does anyone here have any insights as to when they might be getting them back in stock? Their site says sometime near the end of October but I still I haven’t seen any updates. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I figured I would ask here since their contact page seems to be mainly for technical support only.

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andymark says that the estimated back in stock date is november 15.

Limelight has them in stock as of today


Hoping that this restock after a long absence means that a LL3 isn’t right around the corner… because I just ordered the 2.


We ordered the 2 as well. The limelight team have not cliffed support for the 1, so I’m not worried.


Now I just hope they have enough on Monday so I can get our PO taken care of.

i think it’s sold out again

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Yup. we weren’t able to get them in time but hopefully they go on sale again before the 2020 season starts.


They were in stock on andymark for all of 2 hours today (actually, less). I don’t see how limelightvision even counts as a VENDOR anymore with how impossible it is to buy these things.


1712 is fortunate to be able to re-use ours from last year, but the fact they were in stock for only a few hours is really troublesome. It’s essentially impossible for any team that can’t place instant orders via credit card and has to go through school channels for orders to get something turned around that quickly.


We tried to order them from Andymark and 30 minutes after I got the notification I went down to our schoolś bookkeeper to order it, but after it glitching she called the contact us number and they said they sold out in 25 minutes flat and they only had 30 in stock, so my guess would be that they vastly underestimated the level of interest and how many they would need to stock to keep up with demand.


Forgot to include this: They said that they would most likely not have them in stock again until January 1st, 2020.

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I can see your point(s). I ordered mine at 6am on a weekend. Most people can’t do that if they’re locked in to school payment systems.

Isn’t this why andymark, vex, etc have open POs schools can set up?


They sold out before we could get some… that is really unfortunate.

Not every school is willing to set up a PO, and even if they do, there’s no guarantee that they will allow team teachers/mentors be the ones to place orders.


Yes that is what happened to us, our mentors have to send the order request to the office person… We sent an email to the office person in charge of putting in the orders but she wasn’t able to place the order in time through no fault of her own.

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Forgive me, but what is an open PO?

Basically say you don’t know what to buy but uk you’ll need say approx $1k materials. An open PO let’s you buy whatever as long as it’s under 1k and since the PO is already approved, no need for the entire district to approve when u wanna buy something

EDIT: for example I tried to do this with my school who refused and said an open PO would be used for something like a room renovation (this is specific to my district)

All depends on the school. We’re lucky enough to have our own account with the school ASB. As long as we have funds in the account I can be reimbursed for purchases.
Down side: the school is providing zero money.

This is exactly our financial situation. I was about 10 minutes too late when I tried to order it(even though I rushed down to our bookkeeper and ordered it on the spot).